Drink Local on Kauai Through Beverage AgriTourism

To support the local economy and enjoy fresh and healthy beverages, drink local on kauai through beverage agritourism. Drinking local does more than just put money back into the local economy. It exposes one to fewer chemicals than drinking commercial beverages, which are often produced using hormones and insecticides. Locally made beverages get to consumers when they are fresh, making them an excellent choice for visitors to try when they are vacationing on Kauai. 

However, you can drink local on Kauai by trying some of these beverages:

Nani Moon Mead:

Here is the perfect stop for people who enjoy local wineries and breweries. Nani Moon Meadery and Tasting Room is the only producer of mead and honey wine in Hawaii. Astoundingly, the wine is handcrafted exclusively from locally sourced honey, fruits and spices without the use of any chemical additive such as sulfates.

Koloa Rum Company:

Through Koloa Rums, the legacy of sugar and rum continues to live on in Hawaii.  Hawaiian cane sugar, pure mountain rainwater and much Aloha that single-batch rums have been able to be produced with remarkably rich flavors and smoothness that capture the essence of the Garden Isle. The Koloa Rum Company was actually established to create world-class Hawaiian Rum, which it of course does proudly!

Kauai Juice Co:

Kauai Juice Co is a great place to stop for a locally grown and nutritious fresh juice, kombucha, or health shot. It was established with the goal of bringing the community together for health and support and to create meaningful relationships with those around it. They strive to connect farmers and consumers, all while leaving the most minimal waste as possible.

Tasting Kauai:

TK’s Kauai Food Tours include tastings with some serious fun in Kauai’s most delicious and beautiful regions, and is suitable for a wide variety of foodies. By Tasting Kauai, you’ll get to enjoy delectable meals from unique specialty foods to local restaurants and food trucks while receiving an insider’s view into the culture and history that defines the Garden Island.


In order to support the future of sustainable farming and to enjoy better tastes, drink local and purchase local products while on Kaua`i! Check out our sustainable travel resources for some of our favorite local businesses.  

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