Kauai Business Spotlight: Why We Love Onopops

Attend any farmers market, festival, or special event on Kauai and you’re bound to run into Onopops! Greg and Candace work incredibly hard bringing the island these tasty popsicles. They fully support our local agriculture industry by prioritizing ingredient purchases from farms and dairies within the state.

Onopops’ slogan says it all:
“If it’s not local, it’s organic; and if it’s not organic, it’s local!”

Onopops prides themselves on using fresh, natural, and high quality ingredients to create innovative and creative flavor combinations that pay homage to Mexican paleta and Hawaiian regional cuisine. With a wide array of fun flavors, how can you resist? Our favorites: Lilikoi Cheesecake, Kona Latte and Butter Mochi!

The crew at Onopops also gives back to, and gets involved in, the community whenever possible. Whether it’s networking with farmers to purchase their ingredients or inspiring keiki (children) at schools about entrepreneurship, they’re there. They also provide discounted Onopops for fundraisers for charitable causes and nonprofit groups.

Interested in trying these ono-licious buggahs? You can find them at these Kauai locations:

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