Colleges & Universities

Volunteer Kauai provides several options for college and university groups looking to engage with Kauai’s sustainable economic development.summer internships on kauai

Individual Student Internships:

We work with various nonprofit and community organizations across the island to help place individual students into meaningful work experiences that align with their area of study. Read more on our internships page.

Group Student Service Project Trips:

If you have a class you’d like to bring to Kauai to work on a specific focus area or project, we’re happy to work with you to help design and coordinate something impactful. Whether you want to arrange your own accommodations and logistics, or work with our 3rd party trip planner, we’ve got you covered! Just fill out an interest form here.

Open Enrollment Service Trips:

Throughout the year we hold 2 to 3 open enrollment group service trips with various themes, available for students to enroll individually.

Research Projects: 

Kauai always has a variety of research needs to partner on with an individual or group. Projects range from small, lean, and one-time through to large, complex, and multi-year!

With a network spanning the island, Volunteer Kaua‘i connects students and teachers with a range of meaningful, relevant, and impactful opportunities. With our islandwide network, we can coordinate programs tailored to your academic interests. Please Contact Us, to find or create an opportunity that fits your group’s needs.