Travel Better: The Basics of Sustainable Tourism

Want to learn how to be a more sustainable traveler? Sustainable Travel International is on a mission to make the world a better place through travel and tourism, and is offering a free 30-minute Travel Better Course using the code “iTravelBetter.” This code waves the $25 annual membership fee, and gives you access to sustainable traveling tips and travel-oriented offers.

Take the Course!

The training is broken down into Trip Planning, your Destination, and Returning Home, and is loaded with tips that reduce your carbon footprint, conserve local resources, and educate others about traveling sustainably.

Missions Aligned

Recognizing that tourism is one of the world’s largest industries, Sustainable Travel International aims to use tourism to achieve a balance between local economic development and environmental and cultural protection. At the core of this nonprofit is its belief that tourism, along with community engagement, can build resiliency. Volunteer Kauai supports this mission, and believes that visitor arrivals and spending can give back to our island rather than take from it.

Interested in other sustainable travel tips? Check out our blog post with 17 ways to keep your visit authentic.

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