Kilauea Kauai Volunteering: Mauka to Makai

Lush forests and rich agricultural land give way in Kilauea to jagged cliffs and secluded Kauai beaches. This beautiful land and its stewards offer chances to give back and learn about the community here. Below are several Kilauea Kauai volunteer opportunities available to visitors and locals alike!  

Anaina Hou Community Park and Botanical Garden

A true community center of the North Shore, Anaina Hou includes family attractions including a café, botanical garden embedded in an 18-hole mini golf course, local gift shop, play structures, skate park, weekly farmers market, and 4 mile loop trail through the Wai Koa Plantation. This bustling and friendly non-profit center always seeks volunteers to help maintain the botanical gardens, serve meals on major holidays and serve the community in other ways.

Malama Kauai Community Farm

Advocating, educating and driving action towards a sustainable Kauai – Malama Kauai is a non-profit organization that develops and maintains community resources related to food, agriculture and sustainable development. Programs facilitate farm-to-school pilots, school garden programs, connecting those in need with local fresh produce, sharing local agriculture knowledge, and protecting Hawaiian farming practices and culture. Volunteers are needed at the Community Farm working in orchards, farm plots and youth education garden. Take your pick and you’ll surely go home with some fresh produce!!     

Kauai Food Forest

Located on the Malama Kauai Community Farm, non-profit Regenerations nurtures a fast-growing forest focused on food production and permaculture. The food forest includes an extensive collection of tropical fruits including citrus, banana, breadfruit and too many more to name!  Volunteers are encouraged to join in with the community every Saturday morning at 8am. Get ready to learn about, tend to and taste some amazing tropical fruit!

Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge

Traverse the cliffs of Kilauea, and learn all about the local nesting shorebirds of Hawaii by volunteering at the Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge. Set around a historic lighthouse, nene geese loiter for easy viewing and local plants flourish on the cliff edges. Native shorebirds frequently glide gracefully by. Volunteer opportunities here extend both to residents and visitors, and include bird education, native plant landscaping and photography of the exquisite bird varieties that call Kilauea Kauai home.

Kahili Beach Preserve

If you are looking to get up close and personal with a pristine north shore environment, the volunteer opportunities at the Kahili Beach Preserve in Kilauea Kauai are endless! Described as a jewel in the crown of north shore beaches, Kahili beach is the perfect place to participate in island restoration, conservation and land stewardship. Looking for a office based volunteer opportunity? The busy office will never turn down hands to assist and complete mailings, fundraising and special projects.


Those interested in conservation, agriculture and local wildlife will never be disappointed volunteering with the organizations in Kilauea, Kauai. If any of the volunteer sites described above sparked your interest, your enthusiasm and efforts would be greatly appreciated to help these nonprofits realize their goals!

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Emma Cornish Jacobsen

Emma Cornish Jacobsen is an AmeriCorps VISTA Alumni of Malama Kauai, who served the North and East sides of Kauai Island developing local food and agriculture programs, and educating youth. Strong family ties to the island inspired her to move to Kauai to continue her grandparents legacy of giving back to the island community through sustainable service. Emma holds a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana, where she focused on Environmental Writing and Literature. She hopes that her writing will encourage visitors to seek out community building experiences and local food while they explore Kauai.

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