Guest Blogger Opportunity

We’re always looking to add diverse voices and experiences to our blog that highlight sustainable economic development, voluntourism, authentic Hawaiian culture, and local businesses on Kauai that helps visitors to travel authentically and discover more! Guest blogger opportunities help to expand our mission of educating and engaging visitors to our island around sustainable travel.

Here are some guidelines for guest posting with us:

  • The topic can be anything related to travel on Kauai, but must be authentic and sustainability focused. We welcome personal stories, destination guides, internship experiences, thoughtful posts on why you volunteered on vacation, personal volunteer experiences, sustainable travel tips, local festivals or events you attended, photo essays and articles on other related topics. Please do a quick search of our site to make sure the topic you wish to write about hasn’t already been covered here and is within our topics of interest, but otherwise we’re open to subject matter.
  • We will read each post for content and quality and may come back to you with suggested or required changes prior to publishing (usually only in the event of grammatical errors or inappropriate/inauthentic content).
  • Your post may not appear anywhere else on the internet, either now or in the future.
  • The post should be about your own experiences, not those of someone else or a researched article about a place you’ve never been to, or an experience you’ve never had and 600+ words long.
  • You must include at least two quality photos (we have the final say on what is ‘quality’) that you have the rights to publish.
  • Inclusion of a personal biography (two to three sentences will suffice) and a personal link is required. You may also include links for up to two of your social media profiles. Any inquiries from companies or persons looking to guest post for commercial reasons only will be deleted without response unless you submit to the correct email address and are transparent in your intentions. Contact Us for advertising opportunities if you’re interested.

Ready to submit as a guest blogger?

It would be ideal if you could pitch your idea before sending material. This ensures that your time isn’t wasted and that your blog is in line with out content and interests. The only reason we’d reject a guest post is if the above guidelines haven’t been followed, but it doesn’t hurt to double check. Send your request to

Why should you guest post for us?

  • In short, exposure. Plenty of bloggers are more popular than we are and we probably can’t do much to help them. But if you’re new and looking for more readers, you should be submitting your best articles as guest posts to blogs you like. We’re really happy to share our trusted network with you and help your blog grow. Plus, we love meeting new bloggers and helping them out. Lots of awesome people helped us get started and we’re keen to return the favour!
  • We’ll link back to you. We’re a brand new site so our domain authority is new as well, but as we grow your content will be here!
  • We’ll promote your post. We actively share on Twitter, Facebook, and other relevant websites.
  • In return we ask that you share and tweet your guest post. It will help boost the power of your post. We also expect that you’ll reply to the comments that others leave on the guest post. This is a great way to network and meet new people as well.

Looking forward to reading your guest blogger post. Thank you in advance for your contribution!