Kauai Summer Internship Highlight: Zoe Griffith, KUPU Pollinator Intern

summer-internship-kauaiZoe Griffith is a student at Oregon State studying Botany & Sustainability. She participated in KUPU‘s Summer Conservation Leaders Internship Program, where she worked at Malama Kauai’s Community Farm to design and coordinate the installation of two pollinator gardens, and education other interns and volunteers on pollinator conservation for a summer internship.

Q: What did you hope to learn/gain during your internship? Did you indeed learn/gain those things?
A: More knowledge about Hawaii’s native pollinators, and yes.

Q: What was your favorite part of your summer internship?
A: Taking field trips to different organizations and farms who are also working towards creating a more sustainable Kauai.

Q: What were you most excited about accomplishing during your internship?
A: Preparing the garden for the farm’s honeybees.

Q: What did you enjoy most about being on Kauai?
A: Being home with my family.

Q: What surprised you most about living on Kauai?
A: There are awesome people and organizations working for the same cause EVERYWHERE!

Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced during your summer internship on Kauai?
A: Learning new things about working with grants and reporting on them.

Q: What type of professional skills did you gain through your summer internship?
A: My ability to direct myself was tested and improved throughout the internship.

Q: How do you feel this summer internship helped with your future career and life goals?
A: It showed me a lot of ways I can take my degree and career from farming to non-profits to business.

Q: If you had advice for a future intern, what would it be?
A: Your internship is what you make it! Communication, flexibility, and an open mind makes everything a whole lot better.


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