4 Cool Kauai Farm Tours

Kauai farm tours are a fun way to engage in agritourism on the Garden Isle. But what is agritourism? Agritourism refers to any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. It could refer to farm stays, buying produce direct from a farm stand, navigating a corn maze, slopping hogs, picking fruit, feeding animals or even staying at a bed and breakfast (B&B) on a farm. Agritourism is a very important growing tourism niche that supports the local economy and people of a destination.

To participate in agritourism, check out these four awesome Kauai farm tours on your next vacation:

Hawaiian Organic Noni Farm:

Hawaiian Organic Noni offers a great tour you do not want to miss. Noni is an ancient Polynesian medicinal food that creates a vigorous immune system, relieves pain, and jump-starts any wellness regimen. On this tour you can see how noni is farmed organically for maximum potency. You’ll learn how the unique drying process makes the fruit available as a whole raw food, and get to taste the superfood as well. For more information, check out their website or call 888-882-6664.

Garden Island Chocolate:

Visiting this chocolate farm will make you enjoy chocolate from branch to bar; it is an educational guided tour which demonstrates everything chocolate, such as growing cacao trees, harvesting and curing cacao beans, all the way to tasting the finished product everyone loves. The tour is a family friendly one, in which kids 3 and under can attend for free with an accompanying adult. With so much to see, smell, learn and taste, the farm’s wide-open spaces make it a wonderful experience for even small children. Book a tour online.

Kauai Kunana Dairy Farm Tour:

Visit Kauai Kunana Dairy Farm to experience a unique family farm, taste freshly made goat cheese, and learn about organic farming. You’d be privileged to sample the cheese as it will be explained to you how it is made from milking the goats to the finished product. You’d also get to interact with the lovely family of goats and then stroll through the organic tropical orchards, where you will get to see mango, avocado, lychee, citrus, breadfruit and many other exotic fruit trees.  Come for a tour today and learn about the organic vegetable and herb gardens while you rest under the shade of a mango tree with colorful orchids hanging from the branches. You will get to discover some simple ways the farm is being made to be sustainable.

Kauai Food Tour:

This tour is a great way to learn about local purveyors and chefs, and a fun way to sample a variety of local foods. It will introduce you to some of Kauai’s best chefs, farmers and restaurant owners. Engaging in this tour is just the best way to start a trip for an introduction to local cuisine; it also includes a variety of stops with different foods to enjoy, with enough generous tastings to have your fill of both lunch and dinner. Check out food tour options here.

We hope you enjoy some Kauai farm tours on your next visit and support our local food industry! Interested in volunteering in sustainable agriculture? Check out our Sustainable Agriculture Volunteer Opportunities page for more opportunities.

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    This is awesome and I love the suggestions of food tour spots! Thank you for featuring us and we’re so stoked that we continue to update our tours and add new ones.


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