Hanalei Volunteering: More than Postcard Worthy

Cruising around the North Shore is undoubtedly gorgeous, but taking your experience to the next level with Hanalei volunteering is more than postcard worthy.  From the initial drop of Princeville into the Hanalei river valley, Kauai offers views and comforts not replicated anywhere else in the world. Taking the time to volunteer in some of these awesome and natural spaces is likely to give you a memory and experience you won’t forget. And don’t worry, there will be time to hit the beach afterwards!

Waipa Foundation

Centered on a 1,600 acre land division in Hawaii called Ahupuaa, Waipa Foundation is an organization with programs and projects focused on local agriculture and community building through Hawaiian tradition.  Waipa has a farmer’s market every Tuesday at 2pm, and and monthly volunteer workdays working with river and land conservation.

Limahuli Gardens NTBG

Taro is a staple of the Hawaiian diet, and taro farming in lo‘i terraces ( that look similar to rice paddies), utilize the bountiful fresh water cascading down the velvet green mountains to grow this tasty purple root. Limahuli Garden is associated with the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Poipu, and features all the plants native to the island as well as several introduced for agricultural purposes by the first Polynesian settlers of Hawaii. Set amongst spectacular, knee-quaking mountains and featuring grand ocean views this garden is so much more than just a garden.  Self-guided hikes take place everyday and volunteers are welcome to sign up for Thursday events focused on invasive plant removal and native plant restoration.



Born out of the need for improved local communication on Kauai, Kauai Community Radio KKCR FM is a radio station focused on Hawaiian programming especially social, political, musical and cultural affairs. Funded entirely by listener support and no commercials, the unique community vibe of Kauai shines through on their broadcasts. The headquarters are in Princeville, just north of Kilauea on Kuhio Highway hidden away from the main road. The KKCR volunteer base is a fun and collaborative group who do everything from taking out the rubbish to programming for radio shows! Strength through cooperation and eclectic variety is valued deeply!

Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge

A breathtaking refuge, the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge was created to protect 5 different endangered water birds that rely on the Hanalei river flats for nesting and feeding habitat. The refuge is a flat valley bottom surrounded by wooded hillside that towers about 1,000 feet overhead and are a canvass for waterfalls during the daily mountain showers. Water from the Hanalei river is diverted and runs through 180 acres of taro patched, and 90acres of wet pasture before running back into the river bed. Occasionally there are volunteer opportunities offered through US fish and Wildlife service. Please call to discuss your interest.

Hanalei volunteering opportunities are extremely colorful and inclusive. The impressive mountain scenery envelopes a community willing to share their profound and beautiful practices. Take the drive North and find something you may not have been expecting, experience something new and we can guarantee you’ll still find the time to relax!


For volunteer opportunities on other parts of Kauai, check out our volunteer listing page

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